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Extension of our Extension of our range of Organic extracts from plants grown on our land in Anjou (Valley of the Loire): new production of ECOCERT certified industrial batches ECOCERT certified industrial batches is expected at the beginning of the Autumn just after the promising harvests and will be added to our QUALITY range. ».

The full EVEAR Organic Range
Acerola, Artichoke Hawthorn Horehound, Boldo, Birch, Lemon, Echinacea, California Poppy, Guarana, Maca, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Bilberry, Passiflora (Passion Flower), Butcher’s Broom, BlackRadish, Sage and Valerian.

What’s new ?

Drying Tools

Acquisition of a new drying machine with a high yield atomisation tower which has doubled our capacity and gives us a competitive advantage on Acerola extracts Acerola.

Storage Methods

Construction of a new temperature controlled 1400 m2 building for storing finished products with potential for 170 tonnes of additional dry extract capacity, along with 120 tonnes for concentrated extracts packaged in IBC containers Sensitive extracts can now be stored and controlled in the same way.

EVEAR: small batch extraction and industrial success

Fresh plant extracts / API

Market Trends

Due to the never-ending growth in demand for natural health extracts, we are again concentrating our efforts this year on developing extracts to meet your specifications. The quality and productivity of our raw material production is increasing with the benefit of detailed traceability from seed to extract as is the case with artichoke. We can produce standardised, titrated or API (part 3.2.S) plant extracts in full compliance with your medicine’s product license so it can be marketed in complete safety.

Evear, your specialist in fresh plant extracts: our extracts

EVEAR at a Glance

With more than 80 plant extract specialities , we are a privileged supplier to the health and food industry. Demand quality plant extracts and increase your production.

Evear Extraction is a French company which for 3 generations has specialised in growing medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables and producing extracts for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. Browse through more than 80 highly traceable product lines with dry extracts (artichoke and juice powders (lemon) titrated and standardised or made to your specification. See all extracts.

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