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Laboratory and Analysis

Continuous Inspection

Our on-site laboratory is used for identifying and quantifying actives and components in plants and extracts throughout the manufacturing process.

Analytical Equipment

  • 5 HPLC
  • 1 spectrophotometer (UV)
  • 1 gas chromatograph
  • 1 infra red spectrometer
  • 1 NMR spectrometer at 400 MHz
  • 1 GCMS
  • 1 thin layer chromatograph

Raw Material Analysis

Analysis of Contaminants

After sampling and to release batches for extraction, each batch of incoming raw material is always analysed using the following strict criteria :

  • Bacteriological analysis.
  • Pesticide analysis in accordance with the European pharmacopoeia.
  • Pesticide analysis in accordance with European regulation 396/2005 (food).
  • Analysis of aromatic hydrocarbons (HAP).
  • Analysis for aflatoxins.
  • Heavy metals analysis.

Analysis of Extracts

Analysis Certificates

Each batch of extracts after release by the Quality Assurance department is delivered to the customer along with its analysis certificate in accordance with the specification sheet, previously defined and validated by the customer.

Government Order on Plants

All our extracts comply with Annex 2 of the French Government Order on Plants and Substances to be Monitored.

Our Extracts


  • ISO 22 000
  • GMP

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Environmental quality charter

  • In order to provide our customers with the best that Nature has to offer and being highly conscious of the close relationship between soil quality, agricultural practice and the purity of the final actives extracted, Evear Extraction is committed to clear and transparent sustainable development: Download our Environmental quality charter © 2021


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