500 m2 greenhouse : New development potential

To release our creativity and develop our agricultural research on plantes cultivées, we have finally obtained the facilities we need to realise our ambitions: a second 500 m2 large greenhouse.

The new facility has precision irrigation linked to a state-of-the-art heating system. The greenhouse will be used exclusively for plant experimental research.

From this point on, research, development and comparative growing programmes will enable us to study several varieties of the same plant at the same time. We will concentrate our efforts on plants with the highest potential using germination campaigns throughout the year.

There are a very large number of adaptation possibilities related to optimisation of the active principle in the living plant. Real time analysis in the fields will be used to learn a great deal about the development of the active principle during plant growth and the effect of different soil conditions and growing schedules.

This will lead to growing the plants in our own fields under more optimised real-life conditions, leading to better and higher quality yields.

Our Aim :

To identify the best combinations of varieties of the same plant and the specific climatic and geological parameters of our experimental growing fields. From this we will be able to guarantee our raw materials as natural and GMO-free.

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