Increased Production Capacity

Our fields are currently cultivated in a non-intensive manner. They are also managed agronomically to produce high-quality raw materials.

In addition, our harvesting campaigns respect the natural life cycle of our plants. As a result we have decided to increase the amount of land we have under cultivation rather than exhaust our existing soils with intensive agriculture using too many artificial nutrients.

Adopting these environmentally friendly agricultural practices seemed a logical next step after we obtained GMP certification. The 30 ha we have recently acquired will allow us to nearly double production. A large number of crop rotations will benefit without exceeding the capacity of our significant extraction facilities.

Our Aims : 

– To considerably reduce delivery lead times by obtaining independence of supply for our cultivated actives and fresh plants.

– To increase production volumes of extracts and respond more effectively and quickly to changes in the market.

– To ensure continuity and uniformity in our production batches.

– To improve traceability of our extracts.

Our extraction facilities

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